From our Registrar

Prof. Molijit Lall

Registrar IMM

Welcome to IMM, a real temple of learning. You are going to join us in the 50th year of successful operations and are fortunate to experience our revamped campus, robust faculty members and rejuvenated course curriculum.

You will not only receive high quality education, but also be trained by our Director Prof. C.V. Ramanan to become a TQP: Total Quality Person!

Learning is a never ending Journey and continues on a daily basis. We learn from our peers, our family, our environment. As future managers, it is pertinent for you to make the right choices and imbibe the best from all around you.

These two years that you spend with us, should be the most intellectually stimulating years of your life and should prepare you to march into the corporate world with zest and confidence.

Another important aspect of learning is discipline. Maintaining discipline in life is not only beneficial in your present, but also for your future. Once you get into a good disciplined routine, success is just around the corner.

Last but not the least, hard work is the only key to a bright future, so gear up and give it your best.

Also remember, you must learn to give back what you receive. So give your full power to the organization you become a part of and make your family and Alma Mater proud.

Blessings and Best Wishes Always!