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IMM is one of the most premium Business Schools for PGDM /MBA in Delhi. The two-year full-time Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), is the flagship programme of IMM-Business School. Its main objective is to develop young men and women into competent professional managers, capable of working in any sector of organized activity, learning leadership skills and achieving excellence in performance while contributing to the welfare of the larger society. Students learn to sharpen their managerial skills, open their minds to appreciate diverse managerial perspectives, creatively find innovative solutions to problems, and analyse different career options in a new way of working.

IMM Offers PGDM With Dual Specializations Using Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools Used for all PGDM Specialisation Include:
SPSS, BSE, Finacle, Tableau, Survey Monkey, Statistical Data and Python
Marketing Management
Marketing Management is a critical factor that has a direct impact on any organization's organic growth and sustainability. The Marketing courses in IMM's PGDM programme teachs students how to develop and implement effective marketing strategies in order to overcome business challenges. The primary goal of incorporating Marketing into the programme is to develop effective managers and leaders capable of applying functional knowledge, to address business challenges in a socially and ethically responsible manner. The goal of the programme is to sharpen knowledge of the marketing function while also gaining a broad understanding of other related disciplines. The domain covers: Service Marketing, Branding and Advertising Management, Sales and Distribution Management, Retail Management and B2B Marketing
The PGDM Program @IMM with specialization in Finance is an excellent opportunity for students seeking leadership positions in the field of Finance. The curriculum is befitting to contemporary times which prepares students with in-depth courses that advance the understanding of issues particularly in the field of core Finance, including: Investments, Portfolio Management, Derivative Securities, Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Banking, Insurance, International Finance, and Financial Institutions. The Program is open to students from various professional backgrounds and provides them with the enhanced technical skills and subject proficiency.
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management specialization provides the academic foundation for careers concerned with the effective utilization of the human resources of organizations and economic system as a whole. It focuses on Workforce Staffing, Training, Maintenance strategies & practices, training and instruction in Employee Recruitment, Development Processes, Management Theories, Organizational Communication, Labour Law and Relations, and other concepts that prepare students to manage an organization’s human assets. Some of the basic skills gained from specialization in HR include: understanding of business operations, organizational & project management skills, ability to understand complex regulations, leadership, teamwork, decision-making, communication skills, and ability to interpret data. The specialization will qualify graduates for positions in private and public organizations.
International Business
Due to Globalization it is critical to have a working knowledge of International Business operations, that covers operations in overseas organisations conducting business on a global scale. International Business deals with multi-national organisations, their governance, strategies, and management; their relationship with governments, and the importance of globalisation and localisation of economic activities.
The Students learn about cross-border trade of goods, services, technology, capital & knowledge transfers. Our aim is to work on an over-all development and in developing a global mindset for Students in this specialization.
Operations Management
Operations and IT are increasingly digitally aligned. Different company functions are now increasingly integrated, data-driven, and insight-driven. This fundamental shift in the sector has prompted a modernization of Operations Management knowledge and abilities, with an integration of Analytical methodologies, present day operations and its applications. The course develops a thorough understanding of Supply Chain Management, including Network Strategy, Long-term Planning, and Forecasting Quality Management principles such as Total Quality Management, as well as in-demand technologies and processes, Which are essential to learn and understand.
Information Technology
The IT specialisation under PGDM program is to develop the much needed Technological Skills for students in today’s technology driven times. Students learn various aspects including Artificial Intelligence and Python. They also gain knowledge in Coding, Software Project Management as well as Design Thinking. Information Technology fosters innovation and understanding of trending tools which are critical in businesses today. MIS, Data Management and Customer Relationship Management, all require use of IT in one form or the other. Management Students with IT skills are sought after in the Industry.
Sports Management
As the Sports Industry has grown by Leaps & Bounds, this Specialization will provide varied knowledge to our students and they will gain in depth Insights into the Sports Industry. Passion for Sports will get converted into a rewarding career, leading to personal growth and career satisfaction. Various Job Profiles will be available such as: Sports Marketer, Athletic Director, Sports Club Executive, Contract Negotiation Manager, Sports Celebrity Managers and more.
Event Management
The Events Industry is flourishing globally and demand for trained professionals has multiplied. This Specialization will benefit Students who are energetic, quick to learn and passionate about events. Study of Event Management will help Students develop Interpersonal skills to enhance their confidence. Students will become great team players, exploit their creativity and deliver exceptional Customer Service. This will also open horizons for self-employment.
Business Analytics
As we all know, Business Analytics takes a data-driven approach to the World of Business by making use of Statistics & Data Modeling that help in developing new Business Insights. This blend of technology & business will make Business Analytics an ideal Specialization for students with an interest in working with Big Data and Programming. Students will be trained in Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Tools to equip them for predictive modeling and more.
Healthcare Management
As the World is still grappling with COVID-19, there is a huge gap in the demand and supply of people in Healthcare. This specialization will help students to take part in building a strong and healthy nation. This specialization will change the health scenario of India and lead to a positive contribution. This will enable students to get jobs in Hospitals, Government Agencies. NGOS, International Healthcare Agencies or to start their own NGOs.
Agricultural Business Management
Specialization in Agricultural Business Management will focus on the business aspects of agricultural production and its International Trade. Studying Agricultural Business Management provides the agricultural sector a growth impetus by providing professional and business leaders. This Specialization will open doors to a plethora of industries such as farming, retail, marketing, food processing and food production.


The PGDM programme is the result of constant innovation and continuous review by the Faculty, with help from practitioners in Industry, Alumni and Students. The programme semester is spread across two years with consisting 2 semesters each year. foundational, tools and techniques oriented, functional and perspective-building courses. It also provides opportunities for project courses and courses of independent study during the second year. The compulsory core courses focus on rigorous grounding in the rudiments of every discipline in management and the development of a common foundation of business knowledge and management theory. After the first year of programme, students undertake summer training with Institute's corporate partners for a period of eight to nine weeks. The Summer Internship is a powerful source of practical managerial insights, validation of management concepts, and valuable market knowledge. The second year is the time when students go for their elective courses, which allows students to choose a bouquet of courses that interests them and helps them develop proficiency in the areas of their choice. The elective courses consist of in-class courses (often with project components) offered by different areas, courses of independent study, exchange programmes, and intensive field courses, over two terms.
PGDM Course Curriculum
PGDM Course Curriculum
PGDM Course Curriculum


These are designed to make the student learn and apply their class room teachings in the practical world. There are two categories of projects. (1) The Summer Internship Project (SIP) (2) Industry Oriented Project (IOP) A Summer Internship Project provides an opportunity to apply the tools, techniques, skills and concepts, which a student may have already learnt, to the study of actual problems through field studies, computer based analysis and library research. Students have to do Summer Internship Projects (SIP) at the end of second semester. This is a mandatory academic requirement and project reports are graded towards the students’ final assessment. Industry Oriented Project (IOP) conducted in the final semester provides students’ an opportunity, to learn in a real world context. This provides a vehicle for integration of learning and application, across different verticals. The Industry Oriented Projects are organization-based, often multifunctional and multidisciplinary, in nature. At the end of the Industry Oriented Project, students appear for a viva voce and its marks are counted towards their final grade.

Live Projects - International and National

IMM Goes Global

Top Ranked PGDM /MBA College in Delhi, IMM Recognised by AICTE, Government of India, is spreading its wings in the global world by launching its coming academic session with 3 AACSB Partner Global Institutions & 1 International Institute of Excellence.
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  • Fordham University, New York
  • MAGES, Singapore

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