Experiential Learning

The learning experience in PGDM combines the academic rigor of world-class management programs with the hands-on application and skill development immensely valued by future employers. The salient features are:

  • ➢ Rigorous academic program with over 1000 hrs of classroom interaction
  • ➢ Extensive case-study driven pedagogy
  • ➢ Frequent guest lecture and classroom participation by relevant executives
  • ➢ Projects relevant to industry regularly undertaken by students
  • ➢ Substantial practice in teamwork via group projects in most courses
  • ➢ A guaranteed summer internship with leading Indian and multi-national organizations
  • ➢ Regular visits to project sites and company facilities for hands-on experience and appreciation of practical issues faced in the industry
  • ➢ Exposure to multinational companies for an understanding of best practices from the developed world
  • ➢ Multiple student-led initiatives with compulsory participation by all students to inculcate leadership skills and a sense of responsibility

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