Innovation vs culture of innovation in a service organization

Mr. Goutam Dutta, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance interacted with IMM students on the Theme – Innovation v/s Innovation Culture in Service Organization.

Mr Dutta, IMM Calcutta Alumnus provided adequate insights to the students on the Innovation culture and its impact on the Business Acumen.

Special Session on Resume Building

IMM facilitates students to empower their corporate insights – which is much sought after to ensure successful way through in securing campus placements in leading organizations.
Ms. Ashwini Gupta (Personal Development Corporate Trainer/Transformational Coach/ Certified NFNLP Trainer) is conducting a grooming session for IMM PGDM students on 3rd February, 2021.

Mankind Pharma Industry Session

A Paradigm shift of leadership in knowledge and information Age 
The webinar was delivered by Mr Farhat Umar, Senior Vice President –Group HR: Mankind Pharma, a visionary and vibrant professional having an expertise in Strategic HR and HR operations. The other panellists were Director of the institute, Dr CV Ramanan, Dean Professor Smita Lal and the Academic coordinator Prof Megha Mathur.
The session was inspiring, thought provoking and it gave the opportunity to learn many contemporary issues with regards to Leadership Development. Mr Farhat said that, “Leadership is not merely about administrating people but it is a way to influence and motivate people to work in collaboration.” The shifting paradigm of leadership is about cascading it down to the lower levels of organization. He also discussed at length the desired characteristics of an admired leader and various leadership styles that are required in these dynamic times.
The webinar was well attended by students who were quite participative in the discussion and asked inquisitive questions.

Industry Session From BSE

A webinar was conducted for the students of Institute of marketing and management, New Delhi, on the topic – “Investor Awareness and Role of Regulators” . This webinar gave students a unique opportunity to see the live Trading Market Screen, to understand the Online Buying and Selling of shares. Also, it was a learning about the functioning of BSE and role of SEBI in monitoring the financial market and investments. Students got chance to clear out their doubts and queries from the esteemed panellist.
To enlighten us all on the topics mentioned, we had as panellists- Ms. Veena kumari , Manager SEBI and Mr Harbinder Singh Sokhi, Manager – Investor Protection Fund, BSE

Cultural Club

The cultural club @IMM celebrated India with various festivals starting from christmas, new year , lohri , Makar sankranti, Pongal and Republic day .
In this the students diversified their culture and explained the importance of all these festivals .
Cultural club @IMM always respects the culture and the festivals.

Diwali Celebration

Yoga Session

Corporate Speaker

Ingenious Talent

Of IMM's Golden Jubilee Batch
On 22nd October 2020

IMM students are celebrating VIRTUAL NAVRATRI even during this crisis period to keep the momentum high

IMM Navratri

Teacher's Day

PGDM Batch 2020-22 celebrates Teacher's Day on 5th September 2020

Marketing Conclave

The concept of Green Marketing came into existence due to various environmental problems emerging in recent past. Consumers have started worrying about the future of the world and as results of this mostly prefer   products. In return to these attitudes of the consumers, companies have started to form their marketing strategies so as to appeal increasing awareness of this environment-friendliness. Green Marketing has caused companies to adopt green policies in their pricing, promotion, product features and distribution activities.

IMM is organizing a one day Seminar/conference on “Green Marketing and its impact on Marketing Strategies”. This seminar is going to give a deep insight to students about Green Marketing and its importance. It will also be helpful for people from corporate sector and entrepreneurs.

Exports Conclave

“ Role of Exports in achieving India’s 3 trillion Economy”.

IMM is organising an International Conference on “ Role of Exports in achieving India’s 3 trillion Economy”.

The conference seeks to explore the positive instrumental role that export-orientation is playing in India’s quest for a sustainable rapid economic growth

Over the last decade the imperative need for India to achieve and maintain a seven per cent plus annual growth rate of real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in order to make a significant dent on the long-standing problem of abject poverty. The students will gain ample knowledge about the export documentation and Supply Chain Management process along withthe effect of market forces on National & International markets.

The participants in the conference will be from different companies dealing with different products and services as well as all sorts of export houses. Students will be able to receive practical experience about the tools and terminologies of Export Management.

Human Resource Conclave

IMM National Conclave on “Technology Trends in HR”

In today’s scenario HR is striving not only  to refocus its aim of designing work experiences and leading digital transformation but also the forces of globalization, talent constraints and new technology are driving rapid change to the HR function. Looking at the need of the hour we at Institute of Marketing and Management are organizing a National Conclave on the theme “Technology trends in HR”. Conclave is an amalgamation of Industry and Academia. This is going to give insight to our students as well as the corporate people to create a platform to discover the HR landscape and focus on the trends that will shape up the future of industry and human resources. Further it is also going to make the students learn the process of implementing change through the absorption of technology in every aspect of business. The use of various technologies like Artificial intelligence is being recognized as an integral component of the workplace for the future.

Venture Capitalist

“Venture Capitalists –The Role in Business Planning”

The venture capital industry in India has really taken off an unbelievable role in Indian Economy. Venture capitalists not only provide monetary resources but also help the entrepreneur with guidance in formalizing his ideas into a viable business venture with existing resources or import new technology. The Venture Capital sector is the most vibrant industry in the financial market today. They are long-term investors who take a hands-on approach with all of their investments and actively work with entrepreneurial management teams in order to build great companies which will have the potential to develop into significant economic contributors.

Looking at the utmost importance of VCs and their role in the business world, IMM Business School is organizing a one day conclave on the theme “Venture Capitalists –The Role in Business Planning”. It will be an academic-industry interface so that the students can gain in-depth knowledge about role of VCs as well as their work

Student Club


Marketing Club

The IT and Operation’s Club is led by students who have opted for IT and Operations as Specialization. The very purpose of this club to enhance the knowledge of students in the field Operations and  IT, by providing them  insight into various Industry practices.


IT & Operations Club

The IT and Operation’s Club is led by students who have opted for IT and Operations as Specialization. The very purpose of this club to enhance the knowledge of students in the field Operations and IT, by providing them insight into various Industry practices.


HR Club

The HR Club of IMM focuses on increasing the HR Knowledge among the Students and make students competent in handling all kinds of People related issues. The Club also actively works on providing knowledge to students on various Recruitment Techniques, Training & Development, Organizational Designing and other HR areas.

Finance Club

The Finance Club of IMM is managed by the students from the Finance Specialization. The Club organizes various discussions, knowledge and brainstorming sessions to provide detailed insight on various financial aspects to the students.

Cultural Club

The IMM cultural club organises events to nurture and excel the value add talents such as Singing, Dancing,
Indoor and outdoor games and all other such cultural competence amongst the students. The IMM Grand Annual Cultural Fest is IGNITE which hosts reputed rock bands.

Pharma Cell

The IMM Pharma Cell is led by students and organises industry oriented activities to enhance the corporate insights of Pharmaceuticals domain for IMM students.

Photography Club

IMM has a very active Photography Club, completely managed by the students. The main purpose of this
club to provide platform to amateur photographers among the student community.

Quiz club

The IMM Quiz club ensures students participation in the Quiz events organised by corporate houses and academia.

E- cell

The IMM E cell organises workshops and activities to encourage the entrepreneurship insights amongst the students.


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