What Makes IMM The Best College For Management?

Needless to say, after completing MBA program one can open up a lot of career opportunities. However, it is also crucial to ensure that you can enroll in the course at a reputable college because this really increases the legitimacy of the course you choose to take. Today, we’re going to talk about one such institution that is not only highly coveted but also makes sure that education quality always receives top acknowledgment. If you are looking for the most promising and the best colleges for MBA in Delhi, IMM Delhi is the one to help you strive for your goals. But why has IMM provided such a strong push, and what sets them apart from other organizations? So, this will be the main topic of discussion today, and it will also instantly offer you a greater understanding of the Institution. As one of the top MBA programs in Delhi, they have many exciting new developments, so as a student, you will always receive the best.

More About IMM

However, it is equally crucial that we offer you a brief overview of the school before we make any suggestions or discuss what makes IMM the ideal and the best management college in Delhi. IMM, or the Institute of Marketing and Management, is one of Delhi’s most coveted institutes for management education, and they place a high value on academic achievement. Since the institution’s founding in 1969, it has been able to maintain the excellence and quality with which it originally began. One of the fundamental requirements for being a top university in India is that quality education is prioritized and never compromised. In this blog, we’ll mention you top five qualities that make IMM different from other management institutions.

Students From Varied Backgrounds

A campus’s environment is at its healthiest when it has students from all academic fields, all regions of the nation, and all social classes. Being on campus provides excellent learning opportunities. IMM India provides this environment since their strict entry requirements fetch management-ready applicants.

Liberty To Choose From Major To Minor

The mentors of IMM believe that the students are the best decision-makers for their careers when given the freedom to select their majors and minors. They are aware of their interests and the direction they wish to go after a few years. The decision to combine majors and minors should be left up to the students. IMM’s teaching faculties are always available to help, but not to impose.

Inculcating Leadership Qualities

Developing leadership skills is something that any school is capable of doing because the course curriculum is essentially the same all throughout India. That is why we at IMM, draw out students’ innate leadership abilities and polish them so they shine when they join the business world. To be the ideal manager, one must achieve success in both business and academics.


A school’s reputation is shaped by its rankings. Program, faculty, research, student services, and career support quality are taken into account while assigning rankings. Only premier league colleges spring to mind when discussing reputation and rankings, but there are other institutions that have a history of prestigious names, such as IMM India. The IMM has been considered one of the best colleges for MBA in Delhi for its commitment to offering the best management education to its students.

Co-curricular Activities

Outside of the classroom, more than 50% of growth occurs. IMM includes numerous groups and sporting venues so that students can learn more than just the course material. Quizzes, discussions, planning events, and seminars—activities that serve as actual learning tests—are among the tasks that students must complete.


A college with a current curriculum and knowledgeable faculty will undoubtedly provide excellent placements. Reputable businesses with attractive packages should be the placements. A student’s fee should be paid off when he arrives at his destination. That is why IMM has the best recruiters for student placement. Internships are the only way for students to gain the experiential learning, exposure, and internship that IMM offer. The best institutions hold the view that an MBA entails much more than just books and lectures. They lack the infrastructure to handle it. IMM provides experiential learning through internships in the second year and application-based classroom learning in the first year.



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