PGDM & Its Specializations

Post Graduate Diploma in Management is one of the most popular programs in India among job seekers and young professionals. A postgraduate degree in management is an ordinary two-year diploma with over 15 different specializations within various disciplines for those who wish to make a profession in the management industry.
Since its universal, it offers opportunities in a variety of sectors. Once they have this degree, students are employed by well-known organizations in leadership positions and can get lucrative packages. Let’s look at the list of PGDM specifications students can select from.


A Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) can be acquired from a number of business schools in India. The course structure of these management courses depends on a school’s specialization and what industry it wants to focus on. To get admission into one of these programs, students must have a bachelor’s degree in any field.

  • PGDM course structure is comprised of two components, i.e., the compulsory course that covers the entire management foundation and an assortment of elective classes aimed at gaining specific job capabilities and understanding.
  • The syllabus for PGDM is split into four semesters.
  • PGDM Syllabus is designed according to industry standards and guidelines.
  • PGDM Syllabus covers practical-based approaches further.
  • PGDM syllabus is identical to all B schools and covers many subjects that will help students understand the business basics.
  • A total of 11 PGDM core subjects and 35 PGDM elective subjects are part of the syllabus.
  • The PGDM course covers different PGDM specializations, such as PGDM Finance Delhi, PGDM HR Delhi, PGDM Marketing, and PGDM IT.
  • Here are the top PGDM specialization courses that you can choose from.

PGDM In Marketing Management

The PGDM in Marketing is one of the top courses offered by B-Schools in India. The degree grants you access to research fellowships, many scholarships, and a high-demand job market.
The curriculum covers fundamental business management and specialized training in marketing research, strategy development, digital marketing and management, and sales and distribution operations management.

PGDM In Hospital and Healthcare Management

Healthcare management and hospitalization is a field that is growing and booming rapidly not only in India but all over the world. The healthcare system requires much control and systemization, particularly after an outbreak. That means the demand for healthcare professionals will likely grow over the next few years.

PGDM In Human Resource Management

PGDM in HR Delhi will help you develop workforce management skills necessary for recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, training etc. of employees. You can also specialize in sales or marketing management while pursuing Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA) after a PGDM degree.

PGDM In International Business

A postgraduate diploma in IB is a 2-year certification that equips the holder with knowledge and insights into global organizations’ inner workings, functioning, and business practices. The holder can access competitive, globally focused jobs by pursuing this degree.

PGDM In Operations Management

As a domain, operations management typically involves overseeing production, logistics, and organizational back-end functions. It strives to serve an organization’s business objectives by channeling its resources and ultimately making the production and fulfillment of its products possible.

PGDM In Rural Management

Postgraduate training in rural management will have significant and lasting value in a developing country like India since work that better serves the needs of rural communities, provides employment opportunities, and has sustainability can create more security for future generations.
Every day, hundreds of projects are initiated requiring skilled supervision and immediate management professionals.

PGDM In Business Analytics

Analyzing business over the last decade has become an invaluable tool for the success of many different organizations. This course provides know-how for acquiring data, gathering insight, and leveraging those to determine the next step. Decisions based on this process can lead to a variety of benefits.

PGDM In Information Technology

IT is this era’s most modern, useful, and promising profession. Combined with a degree in management, this profession can yield the candidate the most valuable, fulfilling, and lucrative careers. Technological advancement and business management are a few reasons students should pursue this degree, as it has many benefits.

PGDM In Event Management

A career in event management offers both creativity and management skills. From destination events to wedding planning, college festivals to large-scale concerts, corporate retreats to sports events, our lives are practically crammed with events every day.

PGDM in Enterprise Management

Enterprise management is concerned with the day-to-day administration of an enterprise with the help of ERP. It is a specialized business management software that is extensive in its execution.

PGDM In Travel and Tourism Management

The purpose of this course is to fill a need in the world of travel. Cruise lines, hotel chains, agencies, and other industries often hire employees with expertise in cultural exploitation. Along with possessing professional competencies, this program’s students must also find a balance between their personal and professional goals.

Bottom Line

When you’re starting your career, and you’re trying to figure out which direction to go in, we understand that a lot of information can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. IMM is one of India’s top business schools, and we offer some of India’s best PGDM courses in cities across India.
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