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Late. Dr. Jagjit Singh

(1932 – 2013)



Late. Dr. Jagjit Singh

(1932 – 2013)

Founder's Message

Dr. Jagjit Singh, Founder (1932-2013)

The legendary Marketing and Management Guru Late Dr. Jagjit Singh, was a Fulbright scholar, with a PhD from prestigious University of Nebraska, USA. His academic and numerous research and teaching positions in various Institutions covered University of Rhode Island, Marquette University, University of Alabama, USA, University of Bombay and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. He made immense contributions to the field of research by undertaking prestigious research projects for various corporates as well as the Government of India and also undertook several consultancy assignments for reputed organizations such as UNIDO, FAO, USAID, ICA, Peace Corps and GOI, amongst many others. Some of the innumerable prestigious positions held by Dr. Jagjit Singh included: Founder Chairman, Association of Indian Management Schools (Delhi Chapter); Chairman, Expert Group Meeting on Marketing Strategy, UNIDO, Vienna; Vice President, Asia Pacific International Marketing Federation. He was passionate about writing and exhibited the same by publishing several books on Management, Advertising and Business Statistics.

IMM’s founder, Late Dr. Jagjit Singh, was an exemplary teacher who inspired over thousands of students, ignited their imaginations and instilled in them a love for learning. A gifted Academician and Scholar, he epitomized the virtues of generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, gravity and kindness. As an imparter of knowledge for over four decades, Dr. Jagjit Singh, facilitated learning by bringing to the forefront, various initiatives and innovations, revolutionizing the way of imparting Management Education. Some of the initiatives, forums and associations he founded include; World Marketing Congress, Indo-European Association, National Association of Women Entrepreneurs & Executives, Global Development Centre (GDC), Top Management Club (TMC), Young Managers Forum and IMM Executives’ Club, amongst many others.

IMM pays its respects, reverence and gratitude to “Sir” for his selfless efforts and his valuable contributions to the society by imparting knowledge and enlightening and shaping the career of innumerable students. His humility, words or wisdom, valuable life lessons and passion for teaching will be forever remembered.

In the words of Dr. Jagjit Singh himself

“The best way to market yourself is through your ‘Work’ and not your ‘Words’. It is for people to see your work and realize your ‘Worth’!




To serve as a Centre for Excellence in management education, research and training. By taking the Glorious and Golden legacy of 50 years forward with Young Leaders and Nation-Builders and blending modern management thoughts and eternal values. To work as a catalyst in making marketing and management more scientific, prestigious and utilitarian with a view to contribute towards sustainable development and empowerment of our Nation.



Our mission is to impart value based management knowledge and skills relevant to industry and overall development of our country. This is to be achieved through interdisciplinary approach by integrating teaching with research, industry-institute interface, consultancy, seminars, conferences and publications, to put India on the marketing and management map of the world.

Quality Policy


Our Quality Policy is Student and Faculty Centric. We Endeavour to pursue Global Standards of Excellence in Teaching, Research, Consultancy and Continuing Education to best serve India and the World in the field of Principles and practices of Business for Challenges of the 21st Century.

Shri Ramesh C Juneja


About our Chairman

Shri R. C. Juneja is the founder of Mankind Group and a reputed business leader in the pharmaceutical industry. He revolutionised the Indian pharmaceutical market by initiating the trend of providing quality products at an economical price. Under the supervision of Shri R. C. Juneja, Mankind transformed from a 4 crore rupees company in 1995 to a company having 5000 crore rupees in revenue with an employee base of 18,000 and 4th rank in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.

Mankind has operations in 14 countries across the globe including United States of America. Shri Juneja holds distinguished positions in various pharmaceutical bodies of India. He is the chairman of Federation of Pharma Entrepreneurs (FOPE), in 2011, Shri. Juneja was accorded with the ‘India Business Icon (Pharma) Award’ by Network18.

He firmly believes that honesty and transparency go hand-in-hand with business acumen. Success has not changed the humility of Mr. Juneja and the company founded by him has never forgotten the common man. He also shares his life experiences with the youth and encourages them to come forward and take up new challenges and responsibilities

Prof. Gaganjit Singh

Executive President

From our Executive President

Five decades ago, a dream, a vision turned into reality!

August 14, 1969: IMM came into existence! Marketing & Management Guru, Dr. Jagjit Singh, fulbright scholar from USA, returned to India and set up IMM, as an Institution to spread the gospel of marketing and management.

IMM grew slowly and steadily, training managers and future business leaders over five decades. Our Niche Industry Programmes were the most sought after. In the early 90’s with the formation of AICTE, under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India, IMM was amongst the first few to get recognition for its 2 years full time Post Graduate Programme and has continued to do so till date, year after year.

As the 50th year celebrations began in 2019, we decided to revitalize IMM. Beginning year 2020, from an Industry backed Governing Body, to a fully revamped edifice, IMM will now be delivering the decades old AICTE approved 2 year PGDM program with a completely rejuvenated syllabus and robust study environment.

Recognizing five decades of service to the Corporate World, IMM has received a much deserved impetus with the entry of Shri Ramesh C Juneja, Chairman, Mankind Pharma Ltd. as the Institution’s National Chairman. With his success story to learn from, IMM will now grow leaps and bounds and further enrich its students and globally spread alumni.

IMM doors are now open for young management aspirants to join our industry enriched, revamped and AICTE approved PGDM Batch commencing June 2020.

I look forward to seeing you all as a part of our Ever-growing Successful Fraternity!

Best wishes for a Bright Future

Prof. Molijit Lall


From our Registrar

Welcome to IMM, a real temple of learning. You are going to join us in the 50th year of successful operations and are fortunate to experience our revamped campus, robust faculty members and rejuvenated course curriculum.

You will not only receive high quality education, but also be trained by our Director Prof. C.V. Ramanan to become a TQP: Total Quality Person!

Learning is a never ending Journey and continues on a daily basis. We learn from our peers, our family, our environment. As future managers, it is pertinent for you to make the right choices and imbibe the best from all around you.

These two years that you spend with us, should be the most intellectually stimulating years of your life and should prepare you to march into the corporate world with zest and confidence.

Another important aspect of learning is discipline. Maintaining discipline in life is not only beneficial in your present, but also for your future. Once you get into a good disciplined routine, success is just around the corner.

Last but not the least, hard work is the only key to a bright future, so gear up and give it your best.

Also remember, you must learn to give back what you receive. So give your full power to the organization you become a part of and make your family and Alma Mater proud.

Blessings and Best Wishes Always!

Dr. C V Ramanan


Director's Note

We welcome you to IMM, a premier Institution in the field of Management in Northern India, Setup in 1969 when Management as a discipline was still emerging. The Institute has ever since distinguished itself by establishing close relations with the Corporate World.

IMM is an institution of opportunities. Our unique personality development and enrichment aspects create an exciting environment for the students. We have a team of qualified and experienced faculty, sophisticated library facilities and latest computer systems to facilitate the learning of modern management techniques along with lofty ideals of character building.

Our aim is to develop sound, dedicated and disciplined professionals with high value configurations. We believe our students have the potential to be change agents and can become holistic leaders and nation-builders. Indeed, they are the true wealth of our great country.

Only a quality person can create, build and sustain an ennobling environment both at work and at home. Our value-based management education facilitates creation of effective managers and good people full of character, integrity & positive attitudes, with a desire to serve.

Our focus on one hand is to inculcate analytical ability, logical reasoning and decision making capabilities in our students and on the other imparting soft skills like Language Proficiency, Business Communication, Presentation Skills and Personality Development. Regular soft skill classes and practice workshops are held every week from the first semester itself which continues till the last semester. The entire focus of our soft skill training is ‘Employability’. That is why, majority of Alumni have proved to be assets to their employers and have been appreciated for their creativity, sincerity and dedication to the assigned work.

We are confident that our Student Managers are inspired young citizens who realise the importance and impact of disciplined and correct conduct in their quest of excellence, happiness and success.

We are delighted to invite aspiring managers to be a part of the IMM family. Together we can facilitate the revival of a resurgent India through state-of-the-art managerial practices and eternal value.

Our Faculty

Dr. Gaganjit Singh

Executive President

Dr. Gaganjit Singh

Executive President

Dr. Gaganjit Singh

Executive President

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