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Year 1969, dream turned into reality and IMM, a premier educational society, took birth with a vision to spread the gospel of marketing and management education in India. IMM, the brain child of Visionary Dr. Jagjit Singh, has over almost five decades successfully created global intellectual capital and continues to do so even today.

From training practicing managers to corporate leaders, educating management career aspirants, readying the marketing professionals to put India on the global marketing map and also helping students to pursue their educational endeavours overseas, IMM Business School has come a long way.




To serve as a Centre for Excellence in Management Education, Research & Training. By taking the Glorious & Golden Legacy of 55 years forward with Young Leaders and Nation Builders & blending modern management thoughts and eternal values.



Our Mission is to impart Value-based Management Education to be achieved through an Interdisciplinary approach, by integrating teaching with research, training, seminars, conferences, publications and to put India on the Marketing and Management Map of the World.


Programme Educational Objectives

  • To facilitate students develop critical-thinking, problem solving skills & analytical approach for effective managerial decision-making.
  • To sensitize students to socio-cultural & economic aspects impacting the current and future requirements of business management.
  • To enable students to adapt to changing global business environment.
  • To develop students as professional managers, entrepreneurs & ethical business leaders by blending modern management thoughts with eternal values.


About Founders

Founder IMM

The legendary Marketing and Management Guru Late Dr. Jagjit Singh, was a Fulbright scholar, with a PhD from the prestigious University of Nebraska, USA. His numerous academic research and teaching positions in various Institutions covered: University of Rhode Island, Marquette University, University of Alabama, USA, University of Bombay and Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai. He made immense contributions to the field of research by undertaking prestigious research projects for various corporates as well as the Government of India and also undertook several consultancy assignments for reputed organizations such as UNIDO, FAO, USAID, ICA, Peace Corps and GOI, amongst many others. Some of the innumerable prestigious positions held by Dr. Jagjit Singh included: Founder Chairman, Association of Indian Management Schools (Delhi Chapter); Chairman, Expert Group Meeting on Marketing Strategy, UNIDO, Vienna; Vice President, Asia Pacific International Marketing Federation. He was passionate about writing and exhibited the same by publishing several books on Management, Advertising and Business Statistics.

IMM’s Founder, Late Dr. Jagjit Singh, was an exemplary teacher who inspired over thousands of students, ignited their imaginations and instilled in them a love for learning. A gifted Academician and Scholar, he epitomized the virtues of generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness, gravity and kindness. As an imparter of knowledge for over four decades, Dr. Jagjit Singh, facilitated learning by bringing to the forefront, various initiatives and innovations, revolutionizing the way of imparting Management Education. Some of the initiatives, forums and associations he founded include; World Marketing Congress, Indo-European Association, National Association of Women Entrepreneurs & Executives, Global Development Centre (GDC), Top Management Club (TMC), Young Managers Forum and IMM Executives’ Club, amongst many others.

IMM pays its respects, reverence and gratitude to “Sir” for his selfless efforts and his valuable contributions to the society by imparting knowledge and enlightening and shaping the career of innumerable students. His humility, words of wisdom, valuable life lessons and passion for teaching will be forever remembered.

About Chairman

Senior Advisor and Promoter

Prof. Satpal Jagjit Singh is a prominent figure in the realm of education and social empowerment. As the Founder Director of JJ Foundation and Chief Advisor at IMM Business School, Prof. Satpal has played a pivotal role in shaping the institution since its inception in 1969. With an unwavering commitment to the cause of women's empowerment, Prof. Satpal has been a driving force in this field since the early 90s. She also serves as the Director of JJFEPL and is the esteemed chairperson of the NGO, Delhi Kala Karam, where her dedicated efforts have garnered her numerous accolades.

Her visionary leadership is the driving force behind the organization's foray into the dynamic world of Ed-tech.

Prof. Satpal's contributions extend far beyond her roles within IMM and JJ Foundation. Her steadfast dedication to uplifting women and her involvement with Delhi Kala Karam showcase her enduring commitment to societal betterment. Through her multifaceted roles, she has demonstrated a rare blend of leadership, compassion, and a deep-seated belief in the power of education and empowerment. This vision has paved the way for the organization's venture into Ed-tech, promising to leave a lasting impact on the educational landscape.

Executive President and Promoter

Welcome to the Institute of Marketing & Management!

We are a Premier AICTE, Government of India approved Business School established in 1969 by the Legendary Marketing & Management Guru, Late Dr. Jagjit Singh. Since inception over 5 and a half decades ago, the Institution has been a front runner and has forever strived to innovate and create World Class Intellectual Capital. It gives me immense joy to announce that we have recently joined the AACSB Business Education Alliance as a Member Institution.

The Foundation Stone of our purpose build Campus in Lush Green Qutab Institutional Area, South of IIT, New Delhi was laid down 25 years ago by the then Prime Minister Shri I K Gujral Ji and we opened the doors in the New Millennium of 2000. Since then we at IMM have gone through various revamping stages to blend in the rapidly evolving learning environments.

With over 20,000 Alumni spread all over the Globe, we at IMM are enable to achieve near 100% placements for our Post Graduate Students.

Our Corporate Resource Centre works round the clock to ensure National & International placements of our students.

Excellent Placements led us to further our mission in increasing the knowledge band width of our students and we then launched a Global Immersion Program for our PGDM students, to provide live online training programs from various global AACSB accredited partner institutions and more are underway.

This innovative move aided our students in acing Global Knowledge leading to broader Placement Opportunities and also the Institution winning over 15 Awards & Accolades.

Come Join our Ever Growing Successful Fraternity as we get set for Education 4.0.

Registrar and Promoter

Welcome to IMM, a real temple of learning. You are going to join us in the 55th year of successful operations and are fortunate to experience our vibrant campus, robust faculty members and Global course curriculum.

Learning is a never ending journey and continues on a daily basis. We learn from our peers, our family, our environment. As future managers, it is pertinent for you to make the right choices and imbibe the best from all around you.

The years that you spend with us, should be most intellectually stimulating years of your life and should prepare you to march into the corporate world with zest and confidence.

Another important aspect of learning is discipline. Maintaining discipline in life is not only beneficial in your present, but also for your future. Once you get into a good disciplined routine, success is just around the corner.

Last but not the least, perseverance is the only key to a bright future, so gear up and give it your best. Also remember, you must learn to give back what you receive. So give your full power to the organization you become a part of and make your family and Alma Mater proud.

Blessings and Best Wishes Always!

About Executive President

Our Director

Shaping the Future: A Message from Prof. Dr. Dilip Nandkeolyar, Director, Institute of Marketing and Management

Dear students, parents, colleagues and friends,
In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian academia, we at the Institute of Marketing and Management believe that our role extends beyond producing business leaders. We're committed to nurturing a generation of change-makers who will shape India's future.

  1. Addressing Complex Challenges: Our mission is to equip our future leaders with the skills needed to tackle India's multifaceted societal challenges, be it in the realms of poverty alleviation or sustainable development.
  2. Versatile Skill Set: We take pride in cultivating versatile skills – leadership, communication, critical thinking – essential for navigating India's unique societal intricacies.
  3. Global Perspective: As India continues to rise on the global stage, we instil a global mindset, crucial for international collaboration and trade.
  4. Collaboration and Teamwork: In a country as diverse as India, collaboration is the cornerstone of success. Working together, we craft solutions that uplift all segments of our society.
  5. Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Our commitment to entrepreneurship tailored to India's challenges promotes innovation, growth, and job creation.
  6. Measuring Impact: Beyond financial metrics, our graduates understand the importance of data-driven decision-making for the development of India's grassroots.
  7. Advocacy for Inclusive Growth: We're proud to see our graduates becoming advocates for inclusive progress and corporate social responsibility, actively bridging societal divides.
  8. Networking for Progress: Our institution provides a platform for building networks with like-minded individuals committed to India's growth.
  9. Leadership with a National Vision: Ultimately, our mission is to foster leaders who envision a brighter, more equitable, and sustainable India.

I am humbled to be a part of this transformative journey with all of you. Let's continue to empower individuals to be effective leaders, advocates, and change-makers. Together, we can make India a better place for all.

Warm regards,
Prof. Dr. Dilip Nandkeolyar
Director, Institute of Marketing and Management

Our Dean

Dear Career Professionals of Tomorrow,
Welcome to 2024 Academic Session at IMM!

"The purpose and challenge of education has always been to believe in and encourage youth, bringing out their wisdom and strength, to a constructive purpose." Daisaku Ikeda

This is what IMM has dedicated itself for the past 55 years, nurturing and polishing the potential of young students like you. IMM is committed to provide you opportunities that foster your academic, personal and professional development.

You join an environment of academic excellence and Industry based dialogues, along with a system of engaging in comprehensive knowledge; all of which will help you enhance your analytical and managerial skills. You will study in smart class rooms, in a vibrant campus situated in the lush greens of South Delhi's Qutab Institutional area; an invigorating environment, that will encourage you to challenge yourself to gain skills, knowledge, and understanding, in whatever disciplines you choose.

Our Faculties are experienced and talented individuals, derived from industry talent as also intellectually stimulated teachers.They are the partners in your education, as they test you to think critically and creatively, as you work towards your professional goals.

You will benefit from the placement mentoring we offer, by leading corporators and top-notch business leaders. Our alumni are spread all over the country, and also across the globe. All of whom have gone on to leading successful enriching lives, in multilevel Corporates and top-notch Business Enterprises.

Do make use of our hi-tech labs and library, modern classrooms, fashionable cafeteria and lavish student lounges, for your study, recreation and refectory. As you engage and interact with fellow students, faculty, and staff ; your confidence will grow and your minds transform into successful, effective and honoured IMM Post Graduates.

I welcome you and look forward to meeting you, in the knowledge that you will stimulate new Marketing and Management viewpoints and applications that will once again enthuse the atmosphere and corridors of our premier Institute.



Mr. Aben Lal

General Manager (Retd.)
Air India
Executive Director (Retd.)
Alliance Air

Dr G P Rao

Dr. G. P. Rao

GPR HR Consulting LLP

Dr G P Rao
Dr Veena Bhalla

Dr. Veena Bhalla

Dr. D Y Patil Vidyapeeth

Dr Veena Bhalla
Mr Sanjay Puri

Mr. Sanjay Puri

Vice President
The Indian Express (P) Ltd.

Mr Sanjay Puri
Dr Surabhi Pandey

Dr. Surabhi Pandey

Assistant Professor
& Program Incharge
Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)

Dr Surabhi Pandey
Dr. M. Venkatesan

Dr. M. Venkatesan

Professor in OB
& HRM Head Incharge
Assessment & Development Centre (IIFT)

Dr. M. Venkatesan
Mr. Rohit Lamba

Mr. Rohit Lamba

Vice President
Sales & Marketing
Head Branding
Jindal Steel & Power Limited

Mr. Rohit Lamba
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